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Our Farm's Story

Rhodes Family Farm is located in southwestern Indiana in the scenic hills of southern Greene County. Luke and Arlene Rhodes moved here in 1986 and it was here that they successfully raised their 1 daughter and 6 sons. The earlier days of the farm saw them doing a commercial style dairying with Holstein cows. In 1992 Luke started grazing his cattle out on pasture. With Holsteins not being well adapted for foraging, he slowly bred his herd over to the Dutch Belted breed. This breed served their purpose well for the next 25+ years. In 2001 the decision was made to go 100% grass fed. For several years after this the farm was certified organic. Since then, the farm's standard has risen above and beyond organic so registration isn't practical anymore. The dairy operation of the farm was sold in February 2020 and since then, the focus has shifted to increasing the beef herd to meet our growing demand of grass fed beef.

Chickens were always a part of the farm, but marketing the eggs started in 2005. The hens are cage free and free ranged. Broilers that are raised for meat are also a big part of the farm. They are raised in portable coops on pasture that are moved twice a day. This allows them to forage on grass and eat as many insects as they can find. All chickens have access to local non GMO grains.

Hogs were added to the farm and started being marketed in 2007. The hogs are out on pasture, foraging on grass and digging in the dirt for other goodies. They have access to local non GMO grain as well. The combination of grass/healthy grains and being outside in fresh air produces a mild tasting pork that you will not find in any supermarket!

Sheep joined the farm in 2013. They are 100% grass fed. We rotational graze them just as we do the cattle. This means that they are in a fenced area and are moved to fresh grass every 1-2 days. Because of this, all lambs and calves are born out on pasture.

Rhodes Family Farm's goal is to produce products that are healthy for you as the consumer. In the event that an animal is suffering and appears to be dying, antibiotics may be used. If this happens, once the animal is healthy, it will be removed from the farm. Therefore, you can rest assured that our products that are for sale will not be coming from an animal in that situation. Hormones are never used. We believe that healthy animals produce healthy meat. We also believe that raising animals in their God-given natural environments is a way of honoring Him, as He is the creator of all things.